The Fatman Chronicles

The Fatman Chronicles – Volume IV

So I am on day 28 and I noticed something kind of cool. I know that most of us on this journey are looking for those outside changes and we are eager for them to make their arrival. But the change I noticed, and am kind of excited about is not physical, it is mental.

I am not sure when it happened or why, but something changed, something clicked. So what am I talking about? Sometime in the last 28 days, the word “can’t” has disappeared. The realization of this really hit home sitting at my sister’s house for our big holiday meal. Yes I cheated and ate a bit more than I should have but when it was time for dessert I decided that I didn’t want any.

Now this may not sound like much but let’s rewind a few months. In the not too distant past I would have been on a diet and I would have said “I can’t have that”, not “I don’t want that.” There is a huge difference between the two. Let me see if I can explain it better. By me saying “I don’t want that”, in my mind I am saying there is something else I want more than that dessert and that happens to be my health. I am not sure any of this is making sense. Let my try with another example. During my DDPYoga workouts my vocabulary has changed from “I can’t do that” to “How can I modify that so I can do it.” As it turns out I was using “can’t” to deprive myself of something or place a major limitation on myself.

The funny part of all this, when it comes to food (or maybe an addiction), as soon as I limited my options by using “can’t”, on a subconscious level it became a count down until I could. I would diet for 6 days and free day on the 7th. Or I would diet until my birthday or until Thanksgiving or whenever. But when I said “I don’t want that” the clock never started its count down.

I know that all of this may sound trivial but on some level it really feels like a big deal. I am sure that I am not doing the topic justice but maybe one of you can help put into words what I am trying to convey. This is something that has never happened to me before and to put it into words is kind of like trying to describe odor to someone who doesn’t have the sense of smell.

Keep pushing warriors and continue to live life at 90%.

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