The Fatman Chronicles

The Fatman Chronicles – Volume III

In the past it didn’t take much for me to abandon a new workout routine or a new diet. In fact I now wonder how many times I subconsciously manufactured reasons to fail. Looking back I can remember dozens of times of falling off the “fat wagon” and just how pitiful the reasons for doing so were.

No Excuses

As a fat guy it doesn’t take much to become defeated. A sniffle here and there and all of a sudden I am too sick to work out. It didn’t take much, a headache, sore muscles or my all time favorite, I ate too much too work out. How sad is that? I ate so much I was able to insanely justify that as an excuse for not working out.

One of the crazier patterns I would fall into was something I like to call the “fair weather fatman syndrome.” You know the story. It is either too cold or too hot to workout. In the dead of winter I would be okay with doing absolutely nothing because it is too cold, never mind the $700 treadmill in my room or the $500 Total Gym clone leaning against the wall. It is just too cold. Soon enough summertime comes and it is too hot. That noise? Oh that is air conditioner. We like our house at a comfortable 72 degrees.

What is really crazy is I could come up with an excuse to not start a workout routine. You see, I need shoes. Or maybe I need special gloves. Or maybe I need this gadget or that gizmo. As soon as I have that I will be on my way. No holding me back this time honey you just wait and see. Once I have that thingy, I will be a slim in a month, says the 300lb fatman.

So what is different this time you ask? Well I don’t know for sure but there is something… I can’t put my finger on it just yet. It seems as if before it was all of the reasons why I can’t workout. Previously when I bumped into something I could not do in a workout I would skip it. I couldn’t do it so I wouldn’t And if something hurt too much, eventually I would stop doing that as well. I think being so uncomfortable during the workout played a huge role in me avoiding the workout all together.

DDPYoga is different, if I encounter something I can’t do I can immediately find a modification that I can do. I am not skipping things and I am definitely not hurting myself. Like DDP said, “Pain is PAIN.” I am trying to alleviate pain not create more. Maybe that is it, DDPYoga is showing me how to workout doing things I can actually do. When I fire up one of the DVD’s appropriate for my level, I know I can complete the workout.

It feels real good to know in the last 18 days I have had more days of double workouts than single workouts. It also feels real good to know I have only taken off a couple of rest days. I guess what I am trying to say is right now I feel really good and I have no reason to not do my DDPYoga again tomorrow!

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