The Fatman Chronicles

The Fatman Chronicles – Enter the Fatman

For some time I have been a member over at Team DDPYoga. I did a bit of blogging there and I will be relocating some of those posts here to my site. I started a series called the Fatman Chronicles which will be the first posts out of the shoot. Without further ado below is the first post from that series.

In the not too distant past I was an avid blogger. I would post 3-4 days a week based around one of my old hobbies. I think I am going to use that previous blog time here focusing on my health. So today begins the Fatman Chronicles!

This will be different from my progress posts. Here I will write about things to help keep me motivated. I am sure I will delve into a wide range of topics so nothing will be sacred lol.
Today’s Topic……….

Tying Shoe

Tying My Shoes

Tying my shoes!
No really, it is! Why you ask? Because it is something that I absolutely hate as a fat guy. Who would of thought that something so simple could be so dreaded. I am not sure about you but there was a time not to long ago when I would huff and puff and
S… T… R… A… I… N
just to get my shoes tied. It was pure hell. It even got to the point to where I would “pre-tie” my shoes and then slip them on. I can remember one day watching a co-worker bend right over and tie his shoes like it was nothing. That son-of-a B**** I thought. Man if only it was so easy. Well. Soon enough with some discipline, clean eating and a lot of DDPYoga I am going to make those shoe laces my b****! That’s right I said it. Just so ya know, the Fatman Chronicles will be rated “R”.

So because of those dreaded shoe laces I ask you, “did you do your yoga today?”
Kauzmo – Lance

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