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Fatman Chronicles X – Table Not A Booth

As time rolled on and weight spiraled upward I started making small adjustments in my life to try and make myself more comfortable being unhealthy. I would do things like buy pants with a waist that would stretch (expand-o-waist), I would pre-tie my shoes so I wouldn’t have to bend over to tie them. Hell I even developed this strange little system of putting on my socks. Get them over the toes then rub my foot back and forth to get them past the heel. As I look back it all seems so silly, each of these problems had a single solution.


One of the most notable changes was eating out at restaurants.  At some point in time, sitting in a booth became uncomfortable and at times maybe even impossible. Of course this is the time when the phrase “table not a booth” became my new normal. One of the most unfortunate side effects of this was my wife, children and friends all got swept up in this as well. They all knew to ask for a “table not a booth”, even if it meant we would have to wait to be served. Want a booth? We can serve you now, if you want the table it will be another 25 minute wait.

If we are being honest, it is kind of sad. I don’t think I am the only one who makes these adjustments but I am not sure if the psychological toll is worth it. As soon as these idiosyncrasies become public, they become even more uncomfortable to deal with mentally. “Table not a booth”. It is so much more than restaurants. Theme parks, swimming pools, back seat or front seat. The list goes on and on.

As things stand now I am in W5D5 of my new journey with DDPYoga. Have I reached my goal? Not by a long shot, but I am moving forward. Soon enough the need for “Table not a booth” will be a distant memory and with it a world of possibility opens up. Roller coaster with my kiddo’s, I can see that happening. Doing more than sitting in the bungalow at the water park, yeah that is going to happen too. So many possibilities of truly living life, not just being a spectator.

Table not a booth. I can’t until the day I have slayed that demon.

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