In it’s original form GTFOOTF was a website dedicated to the MMO game type and the FAIL Players that plague them. GTFOOTF is an acronym for Get The Fuck Out Of The Fire. You see, in MMO’s there is always something nasty on the ground that can harm you. FAIL Players and idiots always stand in the fire and die, wondering what happened.

Now the site has changed and it is all about my journey out of the fire. I have always had a weight problem. Sure I have lost weight and put it back on just like everyone else, to me that was my normal. I have also always had this false belief that if I was ever diagnosed with a “life threatening” illness, I would respond by getting healthy. I would take everything I knew to be healthy and apply it. Eating clean – Check. Exercising – Check. Spending more time with my family – Check. Healthy stress relief – Check. Its not rocket science right? Neither is moving out of the fire. Don’t want to die in an MMO? Get The Fuck Out Of The Fire.

I spent years on this site criticizing idiots who stand in pretend fire. All the while I have been standing in real fire, not realizing that I was failing at basic health. I knew I was not healthy but it never really clicked. Now I need to move out of the fire and I am using GTFOOTF to document my journey.

My name is Lance and it is time for me to GTFOOTF!

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